Weather Check – RIT 12/7/2010

After a snow-free November in Rochester, the calendar flipped to December and swiftly has come along to dump snow in full throttle. The RIT community bundles up with jackets, hats, gloves, boots, and scarves, attempting to evade not only the frigid snow, but the 10-15 mph westerly winds as well. Temperatures have been in the 20’s (F), but with the wind chill, it makes it feel as if it is in the low teens. Students and faculty march through the stormy weather to make it to each class. Rosy cheeks and sniffling faces trudge down the quarter-mile walkway, through the Infinity and Kodak Quads and in front of the library, all in hopes of finally reaching a warm destination. The various coffee shops throughout campus are popular hits, too, as people try to keep warm. This recent storm has made it very common to see people walking around with hot drinks from Java Wally’s or Artesano.

The wind, particularly, has been a burden on people walking to and from buildings, with hoods up, people looking down to avoid the wind from hitting their face, and various other methods of keeping the whipping wind from hitting one’s face.

Occasionally, one will see somebody slip-up a little on a pathways or up ramps, because of the mediocre plowing and lack of salt and sand. Standing upright and having firm traction has noticeably been a difficulty for some walking from building to building.

The weather has been like this dating back to Thursday, December 1, when the first snow hit. According to the forecast claims the snow will continue until Saturday, December 11. The temperatures are also supposed to decline until Thursday, where it will be 18-25°(F). The temperature is supposed to reach back up into the 30’s by Friday with a sunny Saturday to break the snowy trend.


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