Snow Biking

It may sound like something that doesn’t happen, but people biking to-and-from classes on their bikes has become a common practice at RIT. Whether it is a sunny day, a blizzard, or a typical cloudy, windy Rochester day, people are on their bikes.

“I’d rather be cold for 5 minutes biking from class than be cold for 10 minutes walking,” said RIT student Ben Girardi.

RIT recently added  covers for bikes outside of buildings and variously placed around campus, which is to protect bikes  precipitation. It is a good idea for there to bike covers around campus so those daring bikers can at least keep their seats dry. Some bikers even put plastic bags over the seats to ensure dryness. Either way, the speeds that bikers can get up to – sometimes 15 mph – is still gonna make for a very cold ride wherever their destination is.

One person who I variously see around the RIT campus is an old man, slowly chugging along in a yellow jacket, with an orange flag hoisted and flashing red light on his bike. He can be seen riding through campus, on Jefferson and East Henrietta Rd during all times of the day. I have unfortunately never been able to catch-up with him to talk with him, but from observation – he is a true biker. Pedaling night or day at a constant speed – usually no higher than a few miles per hour – one has to give respect for the man for doing what he does so often.

As winter pushes on, and knowing there are some students who will still bike to-and-from campus, credit is given, but when gusts are blowing that send the temperature to well-below freezing – and even into the negatives – biking in the winter weather is not my cup of tea.


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