Back on the Grind

After a two week break of shoveling snow in Maine, I came back to RIT to find a remarkable lack of snow. A nor’easter had just struck most of the east coast – causing delays and cancellations of all kinds –

Students walk to class on the first day back from Winter Break.

and here in Rochester, NY there were just snow banks from previous snowstorms. Fields were full of grass, allowing for shortcuts to class.

Though there was no snow, it was still plenty cold. Students still walked to class bundled in jackets, huddled in scarfs, hats and gloves. The blank expressions of being back on the windy campus, attending classes flashed amongst faces as students walked to classes Monday morning.

There were complaints overheard about the lack of snow, along with ecstatic happiness of no snow. The lack of snow allowed for students to throw a football in the field near ‘Crossroads’. Though snow is scheduled to hit Rochester again this week, students seem to be taking in the rare January days of seeing the green grass rather than a blanket of snow.


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