Nor’Easter Disaster

My hands are freezing, my toes are cold, I have to step into the 14 inches of snow that the most recent Nor’easter has dropped on my home in Maine to rake the snow off the roof so it doesn’t leak into my sister’s bedroom. Listening to Eminem through my brand new headphones I got for Christmas, I blink for what feels like forever. I picture myself relaxing on a beach in Maui, tapping in a birdie putt on the eighteenth green, and eating amazing Hawaiian food. I’m in nirvana and the best part about it: I’ll be there in just two days.

I won’t be able to see my friends until the summer when I leave, because driving conditions from this storm is absolutely dreadful making it nearly impossible to leave my house.

A day later, the snow has finally come to a halt. I pack, drop my dog off at the Kennel, and get ready for the 5 a.m. flight to Maui. It’s been nearly 24 hours since snow has fallen, so there shouldn’t be any problem with my flight.


My mom, dad and I awake to buzzing alarm clocks at 3:30 a.m., shower, and pack into the car. We drive the 25 minutes to the Portland International Airport and get in line with United Airlines. The line is short for checking-in and it’s moving quickly, so we shouldn’t have a problem with getting through. Passing time, I look up to check the flights on the screen and notice only a handful of flights. I look and see everything is on-time except for one flight to Washington-Dulles. That’s our flight.

We approach the counter and address the woman with the information that’s on the screen above – as if she didn’t already know.

I blankly stand there, not comprehending too much with what’s going on since it’s way too early in the morning. I assume my dad will figure out how we can get to paradise and escape the dreaded snow that I had just shoveled and snow-blown for two days. I finally start listening to what the woman at the desk is saying.

“There are no available flights to Dulles until January first.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. There must be another route we can take to get there.

A Maui Sunset

Wrong again.

The cancellation of flights from the two-day duration of the storm on the entire east coast had backed-up flights until the New Year. There was nothing we could do.

The trip was off – at least for me. My parents took the January 1 flight to Dulles and enjoyed their two week vacation in Maui. I got four extra days at home in the snow of Cumberland, Maine and then a flight to the cloudiest place in America: Rochester, where I would pick-up on the rigorous schedule of RIT.

For the first two weeks of being back from winter break, my dad sent daily pictures to me of where I should have been: Maui.


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