Parking Lot Snowboarding

It was another dull and boring Saturday night for us at RIT. We were looking for somewhere to go, something to do, but just couldn’t think of anything to do. It was freezing out, another snowstorm had just hit Rochester, the roads were in mediocre conditions – with a considerable amount still on the ground. Snow has piled up over the past weeks, a few inches here-and-there, so the snowbanks in the parking lots were giants.

Then we came up with a brilliant idea: snowboarding the giant snowbanks.

We hadn’t done it all season so the adrenaline and desire to carve a quarter-pipe out of one of the 20′ snowbanks was unbearable.

We hopped into my friend’s maroon Volkswagen, hitched a strap to the back of his car and pulled each other throughout the parking lot to hit the jump that was successfully made after 30 minutes of carving.

Snow still drifted from the sky, people looked on as we did daring jump-after-jump as the Volkswagen pulled snowboarders from the back from 20-45 mph and onto the jump.

Drunk kids yelled across the parking lot from the RIT apartments to do tricks, while others just simply watched or took pictures at the daring stunts.

Finally, my friend got the idea of hitting a miraculous 50 mph in the Volkswagen and hop the jump and onto another snowbank.

I decided to get my camera out to film it.

He landed the jump. Did it again, and then we called it a night. He was the only one courageous enough to hit the jump at such a speed – not just once, but twice! After two successful jumps, the cold Rochester air finally catching up to us, and myself falling through ice on the pond to film the jump. It was one way to make a cold, boring winter night into an eventful and fun one.


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